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a place for creative small businesses to build a FREE eCommerce Store.

Features You'll Love.

STŌR-e's cloud platform supports the likes of Artists, Makers, Designers, Crafters to build an online identity for your brand. We help you in Launching, Operating & Promoting your Online Store. Our unique package of Technology & Services frees you from the daily chores of managing your online store and lets you focus on Creative Work instead.


Clean Design

STŌR-e helps you build a Simple, Modern and Clutter-free online Store. It offers the right amount of customisation options to make your Products (& Service offerings) stand out. The result is an Easy to use, Modern website, designed for enhanced User Experience & Conversion.


Ready to Go

STŌR-e includes all the essentials to process orders from day 1. It comes with pre-integrated payment gateways, regulatory approvals to sell Products Online to overseas markets*. It provides Multi-Currency Support. All these and more with no paperwork whatsoever.


Brand Promotions

We will periodically publish content on our Social media pages & profiles and create blog articles promoting your products. We will also let qualified products to be listed automatically in our associate platform - MarketStreat, thereby opening another avenue for you to reach potential customers.


Store Management #

We will assist you in all stages of the work required to Setup and Publish your Store. Just bring the creatives such as Logo, Headers, Banners & Color Palette. If you don't have any of these, we can make it for a small cost by our friendly designers. They can optimize your product images to make it look the best. Finally, we can also help List the products online.


Search Engine Optimization #

Implementing On-Page & Off-Page SEO techniques, by leveraging tools like Google Analytics etc. to tune all aspects of the site, like product descriptions, meta-information etc. ensures the website is indexed correctly. It increases the probability of the site appearing higher on Search Engine Results Page (SERP). We can assign an SEO expert to continuously optimize the site, with targeted keywords, to improve/retain the rankings.


Social Media Marketing #

Take advantage of the Social Media to cost-effectively target and engage with your customers. Our professional social media consultants can help you come up with a social media strategy for your brand and also help in running the ongoing campaigns. We can assist in creating original content and in community building initatives.

# Paid Service
STŌR-e homepage
Thoughtful Design

Clean & Organized.

Create your portfolio/eCom store. Showcase your products to your potential customers in a layout that is visually inviting. Categorize your products use them as a filter to enable easier navigation.

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STŌR-e checkout screen
Ease of Use

Single Page Checkout.

No more waddling through clumsy and inefficient checkout process that causes user fatigue and eventual drop-outs. Our one-page design ensures quick & efficient data capture option to improve conversions.

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The Story.

The idea of STŌR-e originated from years of us working together with micro-entrepreneurs and creative folklore. While they understood the potential of the Digital medium, they don't possess the Skills, Insights and more importantly the Time it takes to invest in managing their brand's online presence.

It is this problem that STŌR-e wants to solve and empower the brand owners to reap the dividends of Digital.

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Plans and Pricing.

It can't simpler than this! We are offering a world-class website for your brand for FREE. Just pay the payment gateway charges. No Other Conditions Apply!

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • — Why should I bother setting up my store when I can get this done on a Marketplace or Social media sites?

    “Marketplaces and Social media sites are not a place to build your brand because you don't own those properties, They do! Your brand becomes one among the 100s and 1000s of others who are vying for the same set of audience, with little or no differentiation.”

  • — How is STŌR-e different from other platforms available to setup your eCommerce website?

    “Our unique package of Technology and Service not only enables you to build a Modern online store where there are a help and advice at every step.”

  • — I represent an NGO/Social Enterprise, can you offer us a free online store?

    “Sure thing! We would like to join hands and do our bit to support the cause. ”

  • — What type of sites can I setup using STŌR-e?

    “We love the creative community, and we want STŌR-e to be the product of choice for this tribe. So if you are an Independent Artist, Photographer, Painter or a Maker in general, you will feel home here, instantly.”

  • — How and When do I get paid?

    “The proceeds from the sale will be transferred to your bank account on a weekly basis ”

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